Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Moral Bankruptcy of the Modern Union Movement

When the only way you can get money is to have the law compel others to give it to you, well...
West Virginia AFL-CIO officials, furious about a new law stopping unions from collecting mandatory fees, announced last week their plan to fight back with a lawsuit.

Earlier this year West Virginia became the 26th state to enact right-to-work, which permits West Virginians in unionized workplaces to opt out of union membership without being required to pay union “fair share” fees.

The West Virginia AFL-CIO intends to argue in court that ending fair share fees violates the state constitution by forcing unions to represent workers who do not pay — a situation resulting from union-negotiated contracts giving unions exclusive representation rights.

Unions have used the same argument against right-to-work laws in Indiana and Wisconsin. The Indiana Supreme Court overruled a lower court decision against right-to-work in 2014.
One of the biggest lies that unions tell is that they're required to represent all workers, even non-members.  It's unions themselves that seek sole representation so that they can then seek to compel non-members to pay.

So, they clearly don't provide a service people want or they wouldn't need the compulsion.  And they lie about it.  These are not the kind of people anyone should want to associate with.

Update:  On the teachers union front, click here to find out what's been going on in Wisconsin since Governor Walker reined in public employee unions:
Merit pay replaced the industrial style step-and-ladder method in which teachers were paid by years on the job and how many – frequently useless – “professional development classes” they took. Using a variety of student achievement metrics, successful teachers across the state were rewarded. Not all districts do it the exact same way, but all center on teacher effectiveness and not the ridiculous union mandated “objective” pay scale. The result has been a big savings for school districts, which they then pass on to their good teachers. What a concept...

One other bonus included in the report: Wisconsin taxpayers have saved $5.24 billion as a result of Act 10.


KauaiMark said...

I wish that California would would wise up and take a similar stance on unions in the public sector...

Anonymous said...

All public-sector unions should be illegal because they are fundamentally corrupt; the people paying the bills (taxpayers) have no seat at the table. Unions give coerced funds from their members to elect politicians who will support the union's agenda. End them.

Darren said...

Anonymous, you and I agree with FDR, and for the same reason.

BB-Idaho said...

The Wisconsin GOP controlled government has made somewhat draconian
moves in the education system. Given that most WI teachers have at
least a masters degree, there is resentment that the governor failed to finish a college degree, but considers himself an expert. Small wonder there is ongoing substantial readjustment , a growing
shortage of teachers and a growing number of taxpayer funded religious schools. I have boycotted my home state the last few years
out of disgust.

Darren said...

Do you have any evidence/numbers to back up your assertions?