Monday, May 09, 2016

It Pains Me When I Encounter Such Stupidity

These have been around since 1976.  I know this because I have one postmarked on its release date.  How can any adult, especially one who deals with money on a regular basis, not know about this?  The fact that it happened at a school is just, well, you know:
When an eighth-grader tried to use her $2 bill at middle school school cafeteria she was slapped with a pending investigation.

Denesiah Neal, 14, was accused of third-degree felony counterfeiting after offering the bill at Christ (sic) McAuliffe Middle School.

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Ellen K said...

I consider myself sort of smart, but no genius. But what passes these days for conventional wisdom is so far below that is worries me. Are we really heading toward an idiocracy?