Thursday, May 26, 2016

Almost 3 Hours

What occurred today is one of my favorite events at the end of each school year--Mongo.

For the past several years I've invited my graduating seniors--current students and ones I've had previously--to go to a local Mongolian Barbecue restaurant after finals.  The purpose is to socialize, have a good meal, get to know each other more as "people" than as our assigned roles, and of course to say good-bye.  It's a nice way to end the school year.  It means a lot to me.

Two days ago I stopped by the restaurant and gave them a heads-up that a few dozen of us would be coming today around 2:15.  No problem!  As I arrived today there were already over a dozen students there.  And more arrived.  And more.  Until today the largest group I've ever had was 36; I didn't even count today, but there were well over 50 people.  We almost filled the restaurant at a time when it would normally be almost empty.  Our group was very well received by the staff.

As I was walking out with the last few kids, two more showed up; one had to attend a meeting after school that had just finished.  I went in with them and the three of us had a great talk and meal together.

By the time we left I'd been at the restaurant for a few minutes shy of 3 hours.  I wouldn't have guessed it was that long; they're a good group of seniors, I've developed a genuine affection for them.  They've accomplished about as much as they're going to in high school, and I know it's time for them to go elsewhere and continue to do big things.  But part of me wishes...well, you know.

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Ellen K said...

I wish I felt that type of camaraderie with my current seniors. There are a few I will genuinely miss. They are the ones I wrote recommendations for, made phone calls and helped them get to the schools they wanted. A few will be at places like Pratt and RISD. But there are others who have managed to make this year a real problem. It seems that each year there are more students who feel it is my job to amuse them rather than expecting them to produce work. I'll do what I usually do-give out graduation cards with a small gift card inside. But if next year is like this year, I will seek early retirement and find some other job to make ends meet. I envy you your rapport with students.