Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This Summer Vs. Next

Can a Star Trek fan go to Alberta, Canada, and not go to the town of Vulcan?  If if a Star Trek fan goes to Vulcan, can a Star Trek fan miss the 50th Anniversary of Star Trek Vul-Con?

A Star Trek fan cannot.

I'm going to hitch up my fiberglass camping trailer, the USS Egg-terprise, and head up there this summer.  Should be fun.

With Summer '16 confirmed, I'm looking ahead to Summer '17:

Have to find someone to go with, though.  I can't afford an extra $4700-$5500 to travel solo, and that's what it would be since the cabins are per person/double occupancy.

Anyway, that's my dream trip for 2017.  We'll see how that works out!


Jean said...

Are you planning to go to Oregon for the eclipse in 2017? We are for sure! I think it's in April though.

Darren said...

Didn't know about that--but unless it's on a weekend, probably not.

Jean said...

Hey, I was wrong! It's in August, on Monday the 21st. So it depends on when your school year starts.