Monday, March 07, 2016

Let's (Not) Be More Like Europe

Professor Reynolds was on a roll today, providing me with the 2nd of his posts that I'll just cut/paste here in its entirety:
WELL, SOCIALISM DOES THAT TO YOU: If Sweden And Germany Became U.S. States, They Would Be Among The Poorest States.
Since Sweden is held up as a sort of promised land by American socialists, let’s compare it first. We find that, if it were to join the US as a state, Sweden would be poorer than all but 12 states, with a median income of $27,167.

Median residents in states like Colorado ($35,830), Massachusetts ($37,626), Virginia ($39,291), Washington ($36,343), and Utah ($36,036) have considerably higher incomes than Sweden. . . .

Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, has a median income ($25,528) level below all but 9 US states. Finland ranks with Germany in this regard ($25,730), and France’s median income ($24,233) is lower than both Germany and Finland. Denmark fares better and has a median income ($27,304) below all but 13 US states.

On the other hand, were Australia ($29,875), Austria ($28,735), and Canada (28,288) to join the US, they would be regarded as “middle-income states” with incomes similar to the US median of $30,616.
But wait, that doesn’t take cost of living, which is lower in the United States, into account. When you do, the disparity becomes much stronger:
Once purchasing power among the US states is taken into account, we find that Sweden’s median income ($27,167) is higher than only six states: Arkansas ($26,804), Louisiana ($25,643), Mississippi ($26,517), New Mexico ($26,762), New York ($26,152) and North Carolina ($26,819).

We find something similar when we look at Germany, but in Germany’s case, every single US state shows a higher median income than Germany. Germany’s median income is $25,528. Things look even worse for the United Kingdom which has a median income of $21,033, compared to $26,517 in Mississippi.
Ouch. But don’t get too full of yourselves, my fellow Americans, because if Bernie or Hillary win — and who knows what a President Trump would do? — we’ll be moving in their direction. Keep it up, and Mississippi might be as poor as Britain.


Pseudotsuga said...

My lefty sister posted a meme soundbite today which pointed out that voting is easier than moving to Canada.
so, all we need to do if we want to live in Sweden 2.0 is merely VOTE!
And all the problems plaguing the USA will disappear in a swirl of free healthcare, akvavit, and IKEA meatballs delivered by the Swedish bikini team in Volvos!
She and many others just don't get it...they really want to be Berned...

LeftCoastRef said...

I posted that same article to some friends on Facebook, and their reply - Okay, then Denmark and Norway.

I am afraid of the long term results of this election.

Darren said...

I was in Denmark this past summer. Gas was over $6/gallon. A tour operator told us the tax on cars in Copenhagen is 150%. That's that tax! That means a car with a $20,000 sticker price costs $50,000. It's no wonder everyone rides bikes there.

I'm not interested in paying such prices so some kid can get a degree in Aggrieved Victim Studies without having to pay for it.