Sunday, March 13, 2016

Last Night's School Dance

No major drama, lots of parent volunteers, and our PTSA had a free "candy table" where kids could come to get some snacks.  Great job all around, except for the excessive number of girls who wore skin-tight dresses (in February, when it was rainy and cold outside) that barely, and I do mean barely, covered their butts.  I do not find such dresses attractive, and find them even less so on teenage girls.  What are their parents thinking?

Several of my students, including two who had been chosen as Gala Princes, decided they'd rather spend their money on something besides the dance.  They split into two teams, and each team organized a scavenger hunt for the other.  I was given the clue that would, if deciphered, send one of the teams to the "base flag"; first team to return home with the other team's base flag would win.  Some time during the evening one of the teams showed up and I was called to the front door (no, I did not leave my post unguarded!) to give that last clue.  The previous clue had taken them to someone who was working at an Italian restaurant, and the team brought me a lasagna.  An entire, cooked, ohmigawd-this-smells-so-good lasagna.

I gave them the clue, and off they went--in the wrong direction!

I guess I'll find out tomorrow which team won.

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