Monday, March 14, 2016

Is It Just Me, Or Is This School Year Just Flying Past?

I have to work this week.  I'm off next week for Spring Break.  The week after that marks the beginning of April.  Holy crap, it's already mid-March and I can already see the beginning of April from here, how cool is that?

Don't forget, though, that the stretch from Spring Break until Memorial Day is the longest no-holiday stretch we'll have had all year.  I, however, am taking a Monday off in May to attend a reunion of sorts, so I'll have that.

My current master's class, History of Educational Thought, is going swimmingly.  It's just reading and writing papers--and I may be the world's slowest reader, but I can read and write papers.  I'm learning quite a bit about educational theorists and their philosophies, and that gives me a whole new vocabulary with which to describe my own views.  A year and a half from now I'll have so much free time, as at that time I'll be done with this master's program.

I hope next year goes as smoothly, and as quickly, as this one has so far!


Pseudotsuga said...

I would be interested in learning what you think about all these theorists' ideas.
Do you find them to be tenable in a real world situation (based on your experience in an actual classroom)? or are they something else?

Darren said...

We're just up to the 1800s now; it's finally becoming in vogue to treat children with respect and dignity and actually teach them something besides memorizing catechisms!

I've found something of value in almost all of them. Rousseau and Robert Owen, I wouldn't a plug nickel for either of them--but even Owen, like a stopped clock being right, understood that a classroom should be bright and opened and well-furnished.