Tuesday, March 08, 2016

"I Really Love This Lesson!"

Every teacher loves hearing that phrase.  I heard it today--too bad it wasn't about my lesson!

Another teacher and I were taking our daily walk around the campus during our prep period when one of our vice principals, trailing a gaggle of students, asked for our assistance.  He gave me his phone and asked us to a "good lap" around campus; his phone was running an app which tracked distance, time, and calories burned.  Off we went.

When we got back it was obvious that he was filling in for our health teacher.  He noticed that the (modified) path we took burned about 60 calories; the students had snack food wrappers and he asked several of them how many such laps they'd have to walk to burn off one serving of their snack, be it Goldfish, Skittles, or whatever.  Numbers ranged from 1-1/2 to 4 laps.

We then led the students out the door and began a "spirited" pace along the route we'd just tracked.  The students gaggled behind us and the VP brought up the rear.  We hadn't gone too far when I heard a girl say to a friend, "I really love this lesson!"

I don't know if the health teacher planned it or if the VP pulled it out of thin air, but it seemed worthwhile to me and the kids got something out of it.

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Wm Sears said...

If they learned the lesson that food is fuel, that sitting still also requires calories, that third party busybodies cannot determine what individual students need to eat in school cafeterias, and that overeating does not cause obesity then good.