Saturday, November 14, 2015

It Took 7 Years...

...and a terrorist attack.

France Celebrates Obama's Big Win
--Huffington Post Headline, 2008

French Officials Criticizing ‘Absence of US Leadership’ Against Terror
--after yesterday's terror attacks in Paris

The Europeans loved Obama back then.  I wish they had elected him.


Pseudotsuga said...

Well, Darren, basically the "Europeans" did!
they weren't exactly European citizens, but they were more European in their ideologies than American.

Ellen K said...

As I recall the Europeans went gaga over candidate Obama. They even gave him a Nobel Peace Prize for essentially getting elected. I put this on the same level with the "every kid gets a trophy" mentality. Where's the love for Obama now? Essentially the Europeans-especially the Germans-idolized this guy at a time when Americans didn't really know his name. Liberals fell in line with the idea that whatever Europe likes is great for us. So excuse me if I have little love to spare for the EU.