Saturday, November 14, 2015

I Marvel That College Students Could Be Such Idiots

These college students are the children of my generation.  We as a group have clearly screwed up as parents:
A large mock-up of the Berlin Wall meant to remind students at the University of Michigan of the importance free speech was instead roundly criticized by many students, with some even declaring that the display constituted a “bias incident.”

The mock-up was erected Monday, on the 26th anniversary of the real wall’s demise, in the center of campus. It included spray painted graffiti comments representing censorship, including “report me,” “safe spaces,” and “trigger warning.” At one point demonstrators even mimed the historic moment during which East Germans took mallets and hammers and tore down the wall.

The display’s objective was to both commentate the historic event as well as link USSR-era repression of ideas and speech with modern politically correct speech and thought police movements on campus, organizers told The College Fix.

Yet many students declared the fake Berlin Wall offensive and an example of privilege – and at least one student told organizers – Young Americans for Freedom – that the display should be reported as a “bias incident.”
If it's biased against communists, I'm all for that.  I wonder who *they* think it's biased against, though.


Jean said...

WHAT. Bias incident? Against who?? What does that even MEAN? Excuse me for a moment while my head explodes.

You'd think the leftist students offended by the display would be flattered, though. They're being compared to Lenin and all those other great Marxist leaders!

PeggyU said...

I read an article where someone referred to them as "Crybullies". Seems appropriate.

Ellen K said...

It appears that this generation of students has been led to believe they are entitled to never encounter anyone or anything that makes them upset. In earlier generations they would be marked as spoiled. When we have college aged adults who claim to need a quiet room with soft lights and cozy stuffed animals to hug in order to make it through the day, then I think we should shut all universities and convert them to massive kindergarten facilities complete with finger painting and all the amenities. I know this has to be a vocal ten percenters that cause 90% of the problems but good Lord in heaven I wish the rest of the students were not so deeply afraid of speaking out against them. They are making diplomas and degrees from the braindead institutions that coddle these big babies worthless.