Sunday, November 01, 2015

How Can Unions Be Forced On Americans?

Especially when they behave this way....

EIA tells how unions bully people who want out:
A union can require that a member who wishes to resign must do so in person at the union hall, provide a written letter of intent, and show photo ID, thanks to a ruling this week from the National Labor Relations Board.

This is clearly a measure to discourage people from leaving the union. I expect many direct challenges to this policy, but I suggest a flanking maneuver instead.

When the union wants its dues money every two weeks, tell them that a union officer must ask for it in person at your workplace, provide a written invoice, and show photo ID.

If the procedure isn’t a burden for you, it shouldn’t be a burden for them either.
Think the NCLB would accept that argument? I don't either.

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Ellen K said...

Obama has always been a union guy. Back when he was a senator he claimed illegal immigration would hurt union wages. The unions have always been a huge liberal voting bloc because they push a button and have a huge response from a section of the population that often doesn't have complete information on issues-just union views. Unions had a purpose, but today when I see union thugs put their children on the picket lines in front of traffic, I have to wonder who's running the show.