Thursday, November 05, 2015

A Change More Important Than That of the Clocks

Last week we set the clocks back an hour to standard time, but last night I was cold.

I keep the house cold when I sleep, with a programmable thermostat that warms the house up just before my alarm goes off--I like to sleep cold, but I don't get out of bed if it's cold!  Yeah, I know, I'm picky.  Anyway, I was shivering all night; even wrapped up in a sheet and the bedspread I couldn't get warm.  It wasn't a pleasant night.

The solution is simple.

Off come the smooth, cotton, "summer" sheets.  On go the fleece sheets, along with a blanket under the bedspread.  Tonight I should be warm.

What's the point of getting an extra hour if you're too cold to sleep?


Ellen K said...

I really like the jersey "tee shirt" sheets. With a light blanket they are warm and yet when Spring rolls around they aren't too heavy.

MikeAT said...

I blame global warming.

Peggy Uppiano said...

They have these fleecy blankets at Kohl's that I have fallen in love with.