Thursday, October 22, 2015

Why Even Invite Them In The First Place?

You know that if some speaker at a college is going to deviate at all from the approved liberal talking points, some libs will go spastic and the college will back down and "disinvite" the speaker--so why even invite them in the first place?
Irony alert. A student group at Williams College called “Uncomfortable Learning” that asked a conservative female author to speak on campus reportedly rescinded that invitation because – wait for it – students were too uncomfortable over the prospect of her speech.

Yes, the whole point of the “Uncomfortable Learning” group was to bring conversations to the elite private campus that ran against the grain of its left-leaning atmosphere. But the controversial speaker, author and cultural critic Suzanne Venker, explained in an op-ed for Fox News that she was disinvited because, she was told, her pending arrival was “stirring a lot of angry reactions among students on campus.”
So predictable.

Update, 10/24/15:  She was reinvited, but has declined.

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Why does Charlie Brown keep having Lucy hold the football?