Monday, October 05, 2015

Stupidity Is Not The Exclusive Domain of Public School Administrators

Does this punishment fit the crime?
Kids can get in trouble for smooching. They can get in trouble for touching. They can get in trouble for chewing, playing with toys, and making sugary snacks. They can get in trouble for waving their hands the wrong way (don’t even get me started on pencil-twirlers). And yes, they can even get in trouble for staring.

According to, the principal at St. Gabriel Consolidated School—a private institution—suspended a pair of 12-year-old boys for a day for playing a staring game with a female student...
Why do you think the girl, who was also participating, was not suspended?  This article doesn't pursue that question, but it should.


Steve USMA '85 said...

Not sure if I agree with you on this one Darren. Let's put aside for a moment the punishment and just look at the accusations in the article. There is a lot to read between the lines on this one since the administration and girl did not interview with the author. Still, in the article, the girl's side of the story was that "the boys cornered her in a classroom closet." At this point, what was she to do? The boys "said nothing, just stared at her,” according to the teacher. I remember this game when a kid, did it all the time to see if you could get a reaction from another person.

It does not sound like the girl was a willing participant in this 'game.' She seemed to try and get out of it by playing along until she could extricate herself from the boys intimidation. So, the young lady should not suffer the same punishment as the boys.

The boys on the other hand need to be taught that stressing a classmate is not proper. What should the punishment be? I think it could have easily handled by punishment lesser than suspension. Seriously, if this was a first offense a stern talking to by the teacher should suffice.

PeggyU said...

Depends on what they were staring at, I suppose.

PeggyU said...

... but yes, if they were all willing participants and if it really caused some sort of problem, then they all should have been punished equally.