Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Aren't Plenty Of People Getting Screwed In Los Angeles Schools?

Of course the optics are bad, but this seems like too little, too late:
Only one day after NBC Los Angeles ran a story which portrayed the school district’s procedures pertaining to TV and film productions campus shooting in a bad light, LA Unified Superintendent Ramon Cortines has announced that all filming currently taking place in district schools would be suspended.

The suspension comes as a result of a six-month investigation by NBC4 which uncovered a number of hidden costs of allowing filming to take place on school grounds.  According to the I-team, these additional costs include students being late to class, campus interruptions, and damaged equipment, among other things.

Around $2 million is brought into the school system each year as a result of the district’s use by production companies.  All together, the district has made $10 million over the last five years by permitting such filming, which included one pornographic shoot at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles.
One wonders if it's only being stopped because knowledge of it is now public.

I wouldn't bet on anyone's getting fired over this, would you?

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KauaiMark said...

...stopped because knowledge
That's my vote