Sunday, August 09, 2015

I Didn't Sleep Well Last Night. Or Much At All.

I doubt my one mojito is the culprit.  More than likely it's the knowledge that I go back to work tomorrow--and I still have bronchitis from my Europe trip.  Ugh.

Does anyone else have that subconscious dread of going back to school?


Jean said...

We start Wednesday. I need at least another month of vacation. I've spent nearly the whole summer avoiding thoughts of school.

Anonymous said...

My dread of the school year is fully conscious.

mmazenko said...

We all do.

No matter how much we love what we do, there's always that uneasiness right before the year starts. Don't know if I'd call it dread. But none of us sleep well that first (or last) night.

Ellen K said...

It's six am, I've been up since three. I don't even start in-service until next Monday. I'm already overwhelmed.