Thursday, August 06, 2015

America's Top Colleges

The top 50, according to Forbes:

US Air Force Academy, #34
US Naval Academy, #27
US Military Academy, #9

Aren't you glad it's this way?  Aren't you happy that your federal military academies are recognized as such high-quality academic institutions?  Isn't it satisfying that these schools are recognized as being so good year after year?

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maxutils said...

Yes, I'm glad, Darren … but you must admit, the amazingly selective admissions process has a lot to do with that. Teaching smart responsible people to be even smarter and more responsible is not that hard to do … BTW, while I was in the hospital, the one sporting event (due to a dearth of cable) was a professional LaCrosse playoff game, and the hero was a rookoe from West Point … who got them within 1, then scored the winning goal in OT. Don't they have a service commitment?