Saturday, June 13, 2015

Neo-segregation Is A-OK!

Self-segregation is one thing--I completely support the desire of people to associate with whomever they want.  On the other hand, doesn't government send a mixed message about segregation when universities help students self-segregate while simultaneously blowing on the diversity trumpet?
The University of Oklahoma has announced plans to provide a separate but equal student lounge for LGBT+++++ students...

So let’s get this straight (pun intended): Instead of working to ensure that LGBT students aren’t harassed and treated equally, the University of Oklahoma–a public university subject to the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment–thinks it’s better to offer a segregated “safe space” for LGBT students? Seriously?

How about a taxpayer-funded “safe space” for conservatives, or pro-life students, or even (gasp!) white men? Would the University of Oklahoma think such spaces would be important to furthering its mission of inclusion and diversity, too? Yeah, we know the answer. Oh well, it will make an interesting lawsuit.
Reading the post above I was reminded of previous posts I've written on the subject:
Link  It's 2013, do we really need a women-only lounge on a public university campus?

Link  I don't accept that universities should tolerate, much less condone, separation of the races.  When we say that one group of people can do something or go somewhere and another group can't--that truly cannot be justified in my egalitarian mind.  I understand being a minority, but that shouldn't give you rights, privileges, or entitlements that everyone else doesn't get in a country like ours.  Certain groups don't like it when I bring up Dr. King's color-of-skin-vs-content-of-character remark, but I actually believe in it.

That's why I find stories like this one so appalling:
Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Spaces Without White People


Anonymous said...

Those black students wishing for a "safe space" away from non-blacks have the option of attending one of the HBCUs.

pseudotsuga said...

I have the same essay ("Ethnic Minorities Deserve Safe Space...") linked for my English students to read. Although they are 1st year students, most of them realize that though the writing is competent,the ideas are not.

Ellen K said...

Darren I honestly don't know what to say anymore. Official entities from universities to city government are so very afraid of negative publicity and the associated hellfire of condemnation from the Left that they don't hold to any principles at all anymore. We are a more divided nation than I have seen in my lifetime.