Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Is This *Really* What Unions Are For?

If this actually happened I wonder if this would be a nonchargeable expense--in other words, if I could get the cost of this refunded to me as an agency fee payer since it doesn't relate to pay, benefits, working conditions, or labor organizing:
Back in April a proposal was made by representatives to the California Teachers Association State Council that the union “offer free information and testing for Sexually Transmitted Diseases and the prevention thereof.”

Alas, CTA’s board of directors had time to deliberate on the idea and decided not to pursue it “because there are other venues to achieve the same results.”

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maxutils said...

It's only what unions are for if you vote for it. If I were still a union rep, I would certainly vote against on three principles: providing health care, beyond the basic sort of accidents or sicknesses which can occur during the school day, is not the school's responsibility. Second, depending on the state, almost all students are incapable of giving consent. So, inyone requesting a test for an STD should be referred to the police. And third -- it' mot free. Can we PLEASE stop mis-using that word?