Saturday, June 06, 2015

How Much Longer Do We Have To Tolerate This Disaster?

From the Huffington Post:
Hawaii's health insurance exchange announced on Friday that it will be shutting down, and its nearly 40,000 enrollees will be transitioned to the federal Obamacare marketplace,
Can they get anything about Obamacare to work?


maxutils said...

Have you seen the projections for increases in premiums for people not getting health care from employers? Between 10%-29%, not including deductibles and wait times. I thought rates were supposed to fall? But, then … economics. I knew they would go up, and I'm gloating.

Ellen K said...

I hear he's finally conquered that nasty hook.

Darren said...

I don't understand.

pseudotsuga said...

Darren, Ellen K. is talking about Obama's golf game.
(It took me a bit to realize it, too, and I'm not a math teacher like you! heh!)