Wednesday, June 17, 2015

College Rapes

What's almost as disgusting as rape itself are the people who lie about rape in order to advance their own agendas:
A new report on sexual assault released today by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) officially puts to bed the bogus statistic that one in five women on college campuses are victims of sexual assault. In fact, non-students are 25 percent more likely to be victims of sexual assault than students, according to the data. And the real number of assault victims is several orders of magnitude lower than one-in-five.

The full study, which was published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, a division within DOJ, found that rather than one in five female college students becoming victims of sexual assault, the actual rate is 6.1 per 1,000 students, or 0.61 percent (instead of 1-in-5, the real number is 0.03-in-5). For non-students, the rate of sexual assault is 7.6 per 1,000 people.

The higher rate of victimization among non-students is important due in large part to recent accusations that U.S. colleges and universities are hotbeds of so-called “rape culture,” where sexual assault is endemic, and administrators and other students are happy to look the other way.
When the facts contradict your expectations, believe the facts.


Anonymous said...

Fraternities are being tagged as the problem, as if house/apt parties and dorms weren't also problems. Fraternities are pictured as rich white boys - but some fraternities are black, and my kids who went to big flagship state schools said that they had the rep of being even worse. Judging by their very loud and disrespectful behavior at the two graduations I attended, I wouldn't be surprised.

maxutils said...

This could easily be mis-construed as blaming the victim … but I'm not. In my personal life, I know a woman or women (I'm electing not to be specific) who have been repeatadly raped and physically abused … and despite my attempts to help, no charges have ever been pressed. So … if you're a woman who is raped or abused, and you choose not to follow up? Well, it wasn't your fault there should be no shame in it, but by not pressing charges -- legal ones, not these BS campus witch hunts -- you probably are guaranteeing that you won't be the last victim of the monster who attacked you. Then again? if you falsely accuse a man for rape, for any reason, really … you should be in jail. And I'll keep coming back to Colin Kaepernick (SF QB) who had a rape charge hanging over his head for about two weeks -- and it turned out she was a drunk, drug addled ex-girlfrien who showed up at a party in his hotel room, naked --and he di the chivalrous thing and put her to bed and slept on the suite's sofa. But, he's now "accused rapist Colin Kaepernick."