Friday, May 15, 2015

Yet Another Obamacare Fail

This time in his home state of Hawaii:
Federal taxpayers dumped more than $205 million into Hawaii's ObamaCare insurance exchange, but after a steady downward spiral the once-highly praised Hawaii Health Connector is on life support.

The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has already restricted grant funds to the Hawaii Health Connector, after telling officials in March it was out of compliance with the Affordable Care Act because of fiscal instability and ongoing IT issues.

With state lawmakers also blocking additional funds, the system is struggling to stay afloat. The governor's office said it is doing what it can to salvage the situation, including approving $30 million to temporarily transition the local portal to the federal exchange, -- where residents could continue to enroll over the next year while problems with the local site are addressed. 
Remember, these people who can't maintain a web site insist they'll be able to handle your healthcare and insurance.


Ellen K said...

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Remember how nobody was allowed to see what was in ACA until the vote? (Notice how they pulled the same stunt with the trade bill as well.....) By doing that, the Democrats didn't allow for peer review which might have actually made ACA a stronger and less failure inclined bill. How many exchanges have failed outright or will fail by the end of this year? Will Obama and his inner circle ever admit that this was an experiment that had nothing to do with lowering costs and everything to do with redistributing wealthy without the pesky mention of taxes?

maxutils said...

That's what happens when you ignore economics. Enjoy, Democrats … next will be electing a Republican President, and the libeals will be screaming that he's ruined it ...