Saturday, May 02, 2015

What Microaggressions Really Are

This makes sense to me:
We used to call "microaggressions" our personal peeves, but the Social Justice Warriors want to make it sound important (and give it the false sheen of academic rigor), so they called it "microaggressions." Note this word also shifts the party responsible -- it used to be understood that if you had a pet peeve, it was your pet peeve.

Now comes the word "microaggression" to make it sound like the guy who activated your pet peeve did so voluntarily and, well, aggressively -- instead of it just being you getting annoyed, because you're sensitive.


Ellen K said...

So if I resort to microaggressions because of someone's behavior are they participating in microprovocations?

Darren said...


pseudotsuga said...

Microaggressions are microproblems.