Saturday, May 02, 2015

Voter Fraud

This is my third post in a row attacking some of today's liberal talking points:
VOTER FRAUD IS REAL:  There is growing evidence non-citizens are voting.  And of course this is precisely why leftists keep challenging voter ID laws, while simultaneously taking executive action to undermine existing immigration law and grant legal permission for illegals to remain in the country.  Since when is asking for ID discriminatory?  I think I’m going to sue my public library.  And maybe the police department, the next time they pull me over.


KauaiMark said...

...or Costco!

Anonymous said...

FYI, you can plug the names found in the ACLU's Exhibit A into the Harris County voter registration search here:

And you'll find that:

- Some of them are no longer registered:
* Bayron Castro of 77008
* Gregorio Matias of 77060
* Sanchez R. Sanchez of 77042, who probably didn't understand how to fill out the form and filled in both mother's and father's surnames in the first and last name slots
* Eliseo Sandoval of 77502, who, despite filling out the Spanish version of the form, still managed to write his given name in the family name box, his surname in the given name box, and "TX" for his ciudad/city
* Derrick Koonce of 77028
* Lance Barnett of 77060

- Some of them, even though these non-citizen registrations are from five years ago, are still registered, with registration status of "ID REQUIRED":
* Giovanna Guzman of 77089
* Rodrigo Salazar of 77043
* Pedro Morin of 77038

- Some of them are still registered, with no restrictions:
* Maria D. Morales of Pasadena, who registered on the Spanish version of the form, and is apparently barely literate even in Spanish
* Possibly Chong Wang of 77054 (there is a Chong Wang in 77059, but a different VUID)
* Possibly Oswaldo Hernandez of 77060 (there is an Oswaldo Hernandez in 77017 with a different VUID)
* Possibly Juliana Lopez of 77060 (there is a Juliana Lopez in 77066 with a different VUID)

Really, are these people the caliber of voters we want choosing the representatives who make important decisions regarding our daily lives?