Sunday, May 17, 2015

Trigger Warnings, Safe Spaces, Micro-aggressions, and other Fruits of Campus Feminism

I posted this video in a previous post about so-called micro-aggressions, but the topics Sommers discusses merit a post of their own.

Some of the highlights, IMNSHO:
5:20-6:40  In the past her opponents would come to debate or spar, now they "protest my presence on campus as a threat to their mental health"
6:50-7:50  The movement for "safe rooms" and panic attacks isn't about protecting vulnerable people, it's a power grab by people who can't persuade others about their views so they try to shame and delegitimize and shut others down
15:40-16:40  Is this what feminism has become?
18:50-19:35  A nod to Socrates, debate, inquiry, and "safety"--and this "safety" is regressive and harmful to women
28:05-30:31  The US Dept of Education's "Dear Colleague" letter and the now-granted legitimacy of the belief in so-called rape culture on campuses
32:05-32:40  A discussion of the Rolling Stone article about a non-rape at the University of Virginia
36:30-40:15  Feminism on campus is warmed-over Marxism, we don't live in a patriarchal oppressive society, equity feminism is an American success story


Jean said...

Good talk; I didn't see it the first time around. I have to think this is going to crash in the not-too-distant future; I'm seeing more lawsuits and more free-speech backlash. I hope it does. It doesn't do anybody any favors to convince people that 20% of college women get raped.

Darren said...

It clearly benefits someone or it wouldn't happen. That someone is a sick and twisted individual, though.

Jean said...

OK, yes. Define "anyone" as "the ordinary people of the US" and we're in business. :)