Saturday, May 09, 2015

Three Days?

This error seems indicative of much more serious problems in this school district's kitchens, and hence three days seems exceedingly light to me:
An East Tennessee school district that served 6-year-old pork to students has suspended the child nutrition manager over the incident, it was reported Friday.

Manager Mandy Kenner was suspended three days without pay, WCYB-TV reported.

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maxutils said...

As someone who cooks all the time, and has beenknown to let things sit in his freezer for well over a year? Sure, the USDA recommends that you don't keep frozen meat for more than a year, largelydue to freezer burn. Of course they also reccomend that you have to cook eggs to death, chicken until it tastes like sawdust, and pork until it's leather. (fun fact: trichinosis no longer exists in the US, so if you order a pork chop at any sort of fine dining restaurant, the default is to cook it medium rare … a little pink in the middle, and juicy and delicious) Fact is, if that pork was cryovacced, which sucks all the air out of the container, it will not get freezer burn, and it will not go bad. Provided it stayed frozen. And -- if it's freezer burned you'll know it, and throw it away. So, it's not REALLY a food safety issue, especially if she tasted it before cooking the rest, which appears to have happened. What it IS is bad management of product -- this indicates they didn't rotate their stock well,so yeah, a suspension is probably deserved -- but that's why it's so light...