Saturday, May 09, 2015

Politically Correct History


maxutils said...

I'll just stick to the econ… you know we disagree about unions, in general, but everything that was said here was true … except the prevailing wage argument, where the effects were correct, but thhe intent was not. The intent was to not undermine the union's bathaining power, much as right to work states do. And the whole reason why unions work is because … they are united. But the questions asked by stossel (who annoys me because he used to be a liberal consumer reporter who was 'saved' by Libertarianism -- and who knows the platform but not any sort of nuance) carefully skirted the major issue: yes, capital and technology are the driving forces which create wealth -- and so workers WILL be paid more. But with workers negotiating many on few, the capitalist will always be able to keep some but not all of theworker's fair share. As to FDR …the new deal didn't do crap … and that stemsfrom the premise that government spending, believe it or not, is only about 10% of our GDP. And I taught it that way, and that the real reason we got out of it is WWII - which is Government spending, but it put virtually everyone to work doing productive things, including women, for the first time in large numbers. And of course unions were racist in 1935 … so was almost everyone else.

Ellen K said...

Wow, both of these interviews refute so much of what is considered common knowledge. The myth of the Noble Savage is one that I encounter more than one would think. I just finished reading a novel based on the true story of a free many of color who moved to north Texas after the Civil War with his family only to have his oldest son murdered and his wife and other children kidnapped by Kiowa Comanche raiders from Oklahoma reservations run by Quakers. The Quakers too deeply believed that all they had to do was offer peaceful alternatives to raiding and war and the natives under their agency would respond in kind. Instead these same tribes continued raiding and kidnapping white, black and Hispanic women and children to use as slaves and to barter for goods at the agency. This kind of attack went on for years and now the kind of bloodshed initiated by the Noble Savage is sanitized to be PC.