Wednesday, May 06, 2015

In The Land of Socialist Equality, Some Are More Equal Than Others

How could this happen in Deep Blue California?
Those who live in the tech Mecca of Silicon Valley enjoy the highest level of well-being in the nation. Residents live more than four years longer than the average American, earn nearly double the income and have nearly triple the number of graduate degrees, according to a recent report measuring opportunity in the nation's 435 congressional districts and Washington D.C.

Less than 100 miles away in the state's Central Valley, however, residents have the lowest level of well-being. In this agricultural hub, people live nearly a year less than the national average and an individual's earnings are roughly equal to the poverty line for a single parent with two children. Nearly four in ten fail to graduate from high school, far below the nation's norm.

As a result, California is the most unequal state in the nation when it comes to well-being, according to the report by Measure of America, which is a project of the Social Science Research Council.
Where's the social justice?!


Auntie Ann said...

Funny how that keeps happening, isn't it? It's almost as if the bluer an area, the more economically and racially segregated. But, that can't be right now, can it?

It's the reds who are all for the rich and are racists...but their parts of the country tend to have better-off poor, a healthier lower middle class, jobs, and things aren't as segregated.


Anonymous said...

That must be why Mississippi does so well, with its low poverty rates and long life spans. Or not.

Darren said...

What's your point, that California *doesn't* have this bifurcation?

Shouldn't California be a socialist utopia by now?