Friday, May 01, 2015

Got My Rough Draft Back

I received back the rough draft of my research paper.  My instructor only had two comments on it.  One of them asked for clarification of a point--but a couple pages earlier I had spent the better part of a page answering his question.  Ugh!

His second comment was that he felt my one-sentence closing, about John Napier's belonging in the Pantheon of the great mathematicians of all time, to be "glib".    Ugh.

Back to work, I guess.  I have less than two weeks to perfect and resubmit it.

1 comment:

maxutils said...

As to the first point, sounds like you can fix it largely by either movin the earlier text, or adding jus a bit better of a call back, As to the second … agreed. Athesis deerves a better closing, but U don't think glib is the right word ...