Thursday, April 30, 2015

Free To Good Home

Our campus is a "ranch-style" campus in that it's spread out and every classroom opens to the outdoors, as opposed to being a large building with classrooms opening to interior hallways.  Because it's so spread out we actually have 3 staff rooms, one on each side of campus and one centrally located in the office.

There are some unofficial rules that have developed over the years.  If something is in a cupboard or in a refrigerator, don't touch it if it's not yours.  If it's on a table it's fair game.

Usually that applies to food.  But last night I was going through my closet and I found 4 shirts I hadn't worn in forever,a couple of which still had the dry cleaning tags on them.  I know how to get rid of them!  On my way to the central staff room this morning one of my students stopped me to ask why I was carrying hangers of shirts--a minute later it was one down, three to go.  The remaining three made it to the staff room with a "Free To Good Home" sign, and by the time I went back this afternoon to pick up my paycheck stub there was no sign of any of them!

Does your school operate in a similar manner?


David-2 said...

Sounds like a lot of effort compared to what we do.

Around here - one of the wealthier areas of Seattle - you stick whatever you want on the sidewalk in front of your home with a handwritten "Free!" sign taped to it (that's it, just the word "Free", nothing else - the exclamation point is optional) and leave it there until it rots/rusts/disintegrates.

Broken TVs, desk chairs with only 2 of 4 wheels, pasteboard bedroom furniture with fist-sized holes in it, moldy sofas and mattresses (out in the rain!), everything and anything. I've even seen a toilet out there after a home remodeling. "Free!"

Did I say one of the wealthiest areas of Seattle, above? Yes I did. Yes its true.

(BTW, a trip to the dump here ("a transfer station") (right inside the city only 15 minutes away from my neighborhood) for your moldy sofa or mattress, costs you a $20 fee and you're in and out in minutes. These sofas and mattresses are out in front of $1.5-2M homes.)

Ellen K said...

For the most part, yes. Each department wing has a workroom/breakroom with access to a fridge and microwave. We went in with the World Languages to buy a Keurig which we all buy our own K-cups. Sadly other departments have discovered this and I found "someone" had used all my cups and creamer. Now we hide our stuff away from the machine. Funny story, it used to be that when we would have monthly staff birthday cakes or if the PTSA had a lunch for us, we would go out of our way to leave some for the custodial crew that comes in at 4:00. One day I stayed late only to find our Latin teacher filling up Tupperware with leftovers to take home for his family. I thought it was rather outrageous since we were going out of the way to share with the night crew. He also ran off with cookies meant for a meeting I was holding after school and used them for his club. Weird guy.

Darren said...

That's just theft. And being a you-know-what.