Monday, March 30, 2015

The Spammers Are Back

In the early days of this blog I got a lot of spam comments--then I switched from unmoderated to moderated comments.  I still got a lot of spam but it it was easier to avoid having it show up in the comments.

Some posts are "spam magnets".  I don't know why, but certain posts here and there, with seemingly nothing in common with each other, would start attracting spam.  I don't know enough about how spammers operate to know why they do that, but they do.

For the longest time I haven't gotten much spam--more accurately, Blogger's filters have weeded it out before it ever even shows up in my "to be approved" comment listing.  Lately, however, the spam is showing back up.  It's nothing more than an inconvenience, but I still hate it.  Given the opportunity to do mean and terrible things to spammers, I would willingly and cheerfully do so.

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Richard Clark said...

No jury that I am on would ever convict you.