Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Teachers, THIS Is What Your Union Dues Pay For

I got this post wrong.  I retract it, and I'll leave it here so that you know what I'm retracting.

I misunderstood the nature of the banner.  I understood the "all cops are bastards" banner to have been printed by the organization; rather it appears to have been a hand-drawn poster that may, or may not, have been sanctioned by anyone at the NEA.  While Wisconsin Jobs Now is obviously a leftie organization and NEA no doubt supports them financially and ideologically, the NEA isn't responsible for every utterance (or every poster) of every loser in that organization.

Here's my original post (from a few hours ago) which, again, I retract:

Good job, NEA, you continue to make all of us look bad:
Attendees at an anti-police protest in Wisconsin funded heavily by the National Education Association — America’s largest teachers union — unfurled a banner declaring “ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS.”

The Wednesday event was organized by Wisconsin Jobs Now, reports EAGnews.org.

Despite the name “Wisconsin Jobs Now,” the small, radical group has spent considerable time and energy in recent months protesting police tactics.

Wisconsin Jobs Now has long targeted the Milwaukee police department. It has now branched some 80 miles west to Madison.

The National Education Association is a major financial donor for Wisconsin Jobs Now. The teachers union — the largest in the United States — gave $125,000 to Wisconsin Jobs Now in 2014 alone.
Imagine the hue and cry if someone were to suggest that all NEA officials were bastards.  At least that comment would be correct.


Ellen K said...

Just one more reason teachers should avoid unions like NEA.

maxutils said...

You were doing so well. Your retraction is honorable, as is the way you did it (I didn't see the original post) but any time you use the word 'all' to describe a characteristic of a group of people, you're automatically wrong. And, yeah, I get that it was probably a joke.