Sunday, March 01, 2015

Prom Season Is Approaching...

...and with it comes Horribly Awkward Prom Photos!

You want previews?  I'll give you previews:
Go see them all--the bad hair, the bad clothes, the baby bump, and the actual baby!


pseudotsuga said...

Ewww....just ewww...

Prom is one of those things that stopped making sense somewhere in the early/mid '70s.
The clothes and behavior don't match, and what's it all really for, anyway?
I never went to any of mine, because of lack of interest, and no reason to spend the money on something of dubious value.

Darren said...

I agree. In fact, I think school dances as a whole are out of date. Prior to the advent of instant mobile communications, school dances gave students an opportunity to "socialize". To be with other students. Back when you had to get out of the house to do that, or else share the one phone in the house.

School dances are anachronistic.