Monday, February 23, 2015

Who'd'a Thunk?

The surprise isn't that he's right, it's that he came to the right decision:
Los Angeles Unified won’t try to give every student a computer, said Superintendent Ramon Cortines on Friday. It’s too expensive, he said. Besides, he told reporters, “education shouldn’t become the gimmick of the year.”
It's heresy to some but I'll say it anyway--because I, too, am right--and that's that kids today don't learn any differently than they did in the past.  Of course they want to, but they don't.  Our reptilian brains aren't any different from those of the students of Plato or Aristotle, and today's students would do well to try to learn as those students did.  The further we get from students' absorbing the wisdom of their teachers, the worse our students do. 

Who'd'a thunk that, either?


PhillipMarlowe said...

Will they get sued for violating, or denying, children their civil rights?
That was the pro-iPad argument from Mr. John Deasy.

ObieJuan said...

We've purchased devices in my district. We are trumpeting the fact that they have now entered the 21st century.
We now take notes with a stylus and not a pencil. In our district, its the "30 million dollar" pencil.

t-bone said...

My district is totally buying into this. If every kid gets an IPad, my boss thinks, then all of our students will magically transform into geniuses. The boss told the school board if we gave the smarter kids IPads, 100% of them would get 5's on all of their AP tests. The same stupid "21st century learners" line is being used to sell this.