Monday, February 02, 2015

While the Islamic State Gathers Strength and Iraq Rattles Apart...

It's important to remember whose fault this is:

Two years later President Obama was still more than willing to take credit for events in Iraq when things were going well:

This president is a failure, and this presidency is a disaster.


maxutils said...

No, Darren, you have it wrong -- Islamic terror is no longer an issue. Surely the President wouldn't say it if it weren't true...

maxutils said...

At least, ISIS isn't setting people on fire in cages, yet. THAT would be truly barbaric … oh, wait … sorry, that just happened.

pseudotsuga said...

Oh, those aren't Muslims, remember--they're just extremists acting out in the NAME of Islam. That's why so many devout and practicing Muslims worldwide denounce their actions and...oh...maybe not.

Ellen K said...

After watching "American Sniper" I dread having to send more soldiers into that region. Yet, there's no real alternative. There certainly hasn't been any meaningful solution from the White House. And now Jordan is rattling sabers after the grisly slaying of their downed fighter pilot by ISIS. I guess since it isn't Israel this time, maybe Obama will feign some interest, but I honestly do not believe this president and his administration will do a thing until a suitcase nuke shows up in a major U.S. city. And yet it seems the media gobbles up the feelgood rhetoric of the SOTU without vetting any of it. Just researching the alleged 5.6% unemployment rate reveals cooking the data to an extent nobody can defend. When are people going to stop being so complacent and realize we are being had? I have kids and grandkids. The future under this type of regime terrifies me. And the specter, very real I believe, of a WWIII that could include devastating weapons and destruction is not something I would wish on anyone. When is this administration going to grow a pair?

Mike Thiac said...

Darren, I must respectfully disagree slightly. B Hussein Obama's presidency is a disaster for this country and literally the world, but in his mind he is not a failure. He's accomplished what he's wanted.

US bankrupt. Done.

Our military devastated. Yes.

Foreign policy a joke. Yes.

Economy destroyed. Medical, banking, auto under federal control, so that's taken care of.

Single payer health care. It's on its way.

Nationalization of law enforcement. Pretty much on its way, most of the major departments have a consent degree or another.

Races aligned against each other. He's don't that pretty well.

When evaluating the Obama regime, one must remember what his goals were. Every other president wanted peace, prosperity and strength. He's wanted to take America down a notch, we've been at the top too long and he's gonna make sure we know how the rest of the world feels.

A point I made with a former blogger of yours before the 2012 election is we not only needed to throw B Hussein out, but we needed to unto the damage. He's now making the destruction permanent and the Republicans are happy to go along to get along. God help us all.

Darren said...

Mike, I'll disagree with you in that I don't believe Obama is *smart* enough to plan all those things and be sneaky about it. He just really believes what he believes, and they naturally lead to the results we've gotten.

I don't think this idiot could plan a 5-yr-old's birthday party.