Friday, February 27, 2015

If You Claim You're An Environmentalist But Don't Support Relatively Clean, Safe, Inexpensive Nuclear Power, You're Really Just Anti-Western and Anti-Progress

Concentrated solar does set birds on fire and Wind turbines club birds so Environmentalists make stuff up about nuclear energy


Ellen K said...

True. The carnage evidences in the major migratory flyways demonstrate that all these green types must be getting some type of economic, social or psychological kickback. The millions wasted on things like corn ethanol, climate change mandates, solar, wind power do not change the fact that they cannot equal the efficiency of energy produces by oil, coal and nuclear.

Anonymous said...

Driving up US Route 7 in the Socialist and Green Republic of Vermont, one sees several large solar panel arrays in what used to be open fields. According to a local, the Legislature passed a law requiring the power companies to get a certain percentage of their energy from renewable sources. The fact that the above sources are ugly and inefficient is treated as irrelevant; it's all about feeling good, I guess. Sigh.