Tuesday, December 02, 2014

They Keep Recycling the "Fake But Accurate" Defense

If you have to lie to prove your point then your point isn't worth making--unless, of course, you just feeeeeeeeel that it's so important that the ends justify the means:
A federal investigation revealed that a racist rape threat against a University of Chicago student activist was actually fake, written by the student’s friend to gain support for their cultural-sensitivity initiatives.

Freshman Derek Caquelin posted a threat against junior Vincente Perez on his own Facebook wall on November 18 — and then claimed a racist hacker must have done it...

In a November 24 Facebook post, Caquelin admitted to faking the threat and claimed to have acted alone. He acknowledged that what he had done was wrong, but also insisted that he only did it to advance awareness of cultural problems.

“I made the wrong decision after being harassed about the problems I have tried to discuss not being real and wanted to show you all they are real,” he said.
If you have to fake it then your issues really aren't real.  Do liberals not understand logic?

The house of cards has come tumbling down around this idiot, and hopefully no employer would ever want him within a hundred meters of their facility.


allen (in Michigan) said...

It's that reflexive assumption that the ends justify the means that informs my hypothesis that lefties are emotionally stunted.

When you're a child, particularly an obnoxious, self-indulgent and indulged child there really is nothing more important then what you feel and want.

D said...

as an insider in this situation, Derek had been legitimately harassed and even physically attacked for speaking up about diversity issues during that term at the university, but no disciplinary action was taken. he developed severe depression and anxiety from not knowing when or where he would be harassed on campus. theres no excuse for what he did, his and mine friendship is over, but there was so little accurate information posted and his name has been smeared so much. he deserves criticism for what he did, but he definitely was attacked and harassed.