Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Final Stretch

Tonight we're going to celebrate my dad's birthday.

Tomorrow after work I have to make one of my chocolate banana pies for a "dessert party" we're having in the staff lounge in which I eat.

Tuesday night I can devote entirely to studying with no other commitments.

Wednesday night I have to make another chocolate banana pie for our Thursday afternoon staff luncheon.

Thursday after the luncheon I'll take the final exam for the discrete optimization course I'm taking.  Ohmigawd, the number of proofs, definitions (and he's a stickler for perfection on those), and algorithms we have to know is phenomenal, and that's before ever even solving a problem!

If I can just make it to Thursday evening, I'll be fine!

I need to remember my 2 rules of finals week that I learned at West Point:
Well rested, well tested.
Study too long, you're wrong.
The first is self-explanatory but the second, not so much.  It merely means not to cram, but to spread out your studying in reasonable-sized chunks so the material, along with understanding, stays in your head.  To do well, make it a marathon and not a sprint.  That's why I'll start my studying tonight, before my dad's party.

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Auntie Ann said...

In college, I lived by that second rule. I only did one all-nighter, and that was for a paper. I always figured that when it was getting late, an hour more of sleep was better than an hour more of studying.