Saturday, December 27, 2014

The Biggest Math Story of the Year

What was the most significant story in mathematics in 2014?

We thought we'd take on answering that question in our final post of the year. What we specifically set out to identify is the biggest story of 2014 where the application of maths either was or became the story...

But ultimately, the biggest math story of the year belongs to a different kind of fraud, one that reaches all the way into the Oval Office. And as luck would have it, it can be considered to be a kind of sex scandal involving politicians!
That's right, boys and girls, the biggest math story of the year is the story of the bogus 1-in-5 rape statistic that liberals, for some sickening reason, pretend to believe.


Pseudotsuga said...

They believe it because it fits the narrative, or their pre-conceived notions about (white) men.
Why do they hate science so much?!

Darren said...

Why do they hate men so much? Why do they hate the truth so much?

I have no idea.