Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sitting in Seattle Airport, So You Know What That Means...

That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's another post on how much I like the TSA!  Answer:  not at all.

I spent 45 min in line, and for what?  Security theater that *sometimes* identifies the screw in my left knee (but not this time), but this time identified the rubber wristband bracelet I wear in memory of my nephew but not the wooden dolphin necklace I'm wearing.  And I have no reason at all to believe that their security theater does anything to make flying safer.  It merely harasses an increasingly docile public.

This is how much contempt I have for TSA employees.  They're minimum-wage-caliber people who would be incapable of identifying or stopping a terrorist if one showed up in a gutrah and an automatic rifle.  I'm no left-wing extremist, but I now understand the joy they get when they say something like:  "Come the revolution, you'll be the first against the wall."  TSA employees are the moral equivalent of kapos, or collaborators, and as one who loves freedom and stands against government tyranny I want nothing to do with them.

Do you think this is extreme?  Then start bleating, you're one of the sheeple.  Gawd I despise these people.


Ellen K said...

My son carries a print out of his x-rays from his catastrophic ankle break last New Year's Day. While flying home from Chicago, a TSA agent tried to give him a hard time. Then as he showed her the photo of his foot in the ER at a 90 degree angle to his lower leg and showed her the xray of post op with two plates and sixteen screws, they kinda backed down.

Mike Thiac said...

Darren, another thing that pisses off my profession is these people are now wearing cloth badges and think they get "professional courtesy" from cops. Sorry, there is a major difference between you and I. When the bad guys arrive, you run away from them. Cops don't have that option.