Wednesday, December 03, 2014

It's Not Just The Rain

California's getting a much needed dose of rain, but that often brings with it high humidity and intermittent power outages--not things that are conducive to doing MAP testing over the school's wireless network and internet connection.

We got through the early periods but 6th period was a nightmare.  Moving to a different classroom showed promise, but that promise faded quickly.  After trying for an hour, we called it quits.  I, as the testing coordinator, now get to figure out how we're going to test those kids in our rapidly-closing testing window that includes make-up testing.



Mrs. Thompson said...

Ah yes - the testing window that ran across the week long break. The Common Core does NOT celebrate! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I got dinged on my evaluation last year because my Honors class didn't make the 2-level growth. Of course, I had informed the PTB that they had tested out of it at the BEGINNING of the year when they were all scoring at year 11+! I tried to get across that the test didn't have enough stretch to be valid at end of year. This year our dept. finally got approval to design our own. I hate MAPs.9730