Thursday, December 18, 2014

Five Down, Five To Go!

Today I took the final exam for my 5th master's class, Discrete Optimization. 

In that class there were 5 tests, on which I earned 4 A's and a B.  My homework scores were in the 90%+/- range (I don't want to look them all up) and were worth as much as one test.  The final exam was worth two tests, and I'm thinking I probably got a B (maybe a high B?!) on it.

How will it all come out in the end?  No telling until the fat lady sings.  I'm pretty sure I got either an A or a B in the course.  Either way (and I hope it's an A!), I enjoyed learning this material more than I can recall ever enjoying a math class before.  Would that in itself make a B "worth it"?  The grade is irrelevant to how much I enjoyed the class :-)

I've completed 5 of the 10 classes for my Master of Arts in Teaching Math degree.  Now I'm free till mid-January, when I start History of Mathematics.


Joshua Sasmor said...

I'm teaching a similar course to that at my school. Would you be willing to share the name of the text and potentially a copy of the syllabus with me?

Darren said...

The text was a collected, typed-up set of notes written by the instructor. $25 at the University of Idaho bookstore! An Introduction to Discrete Optimization, Notes for Math 426 by Dr. Nielsen. The course web site is at