Thursday, December 25, 2014

End Of A Day of Driving

I left at 10 am, stopping only for gas, dinner, and two short breaks.  At 8pm I had reached the southern outskirts of Portland, Oregon, where I've holed up in a Holiday Inn Express for the night.

As happened the last time I drove through Oregon, within a mile of crossing the state line the rains came.  Well, last time it was rain, this time it was snow flurries, but they weren't sticking so it's no big deal.  I finished my Mark Steyn audiobook while still in California and am now over 6 hours into Catch 22.  I think I'd hate reading that book, but it's fun to listen to.

"Complimentary" breakfast here tomorrow, then get gas, and then next stop: seeing my son the soldier.  This has been the most un-Christmas-y Christmas I've ever spent, and I'm entirely OK with that.

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maxutils said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the audi, but Catch - 22 is a terrific read.