Monday, August 18, 2014

Problems Like This Were Entirely Predictable, and Predicted

And even then, situations like this arise:
When 13-year-old Rachel Pepe returns to her New Jersey middle school after summer break this year, it will be her first time attending school as a girl — something Rachel’s mom, Angela Peters, says is causing a dustup with school administrators.

"He was going to school last year as Brian," Peters, who could not be reached by Yahoo Health, told the Asbury Park Press. She added that her child had developed stress-related seizures, depression, and panic attacks, explaining, “She would get off the bus and just cry. Then she would go to sleep for 17 or 20 hours and refuse to go back there.”

Now, Peters claims, since informing Thorne Middle School in Port Monmouth, New Jersey, about Rachel’s transition, school officials told her that Rachel had to return in September as Brian or not return at all. And while Peters offered up the option of Rachel using the nurse’s bathroom instead of the girls’ bathroom, she claims that that request was denied and Rachel would be forced to use boys’ bathroom if she attended school. In the interview with the newspaper, Peters also said she was told that Rachel’s presence would upset the school’s boy-girl ratio and that standardized tests would require her to use her legal name and gender.

As a result, Peters is asking for monetary aid from the Middletown Township Public School District in order to send Rachel to an alternative private school more prepared to deal with transgender issues...
Who's right--the kid and mom? the district? both? neither? Heck if I know.

The "boy-girl ratio" excuse sounds like complete and total crap to me, though.


allen (in Michigan) said...

I don't know why you'd expect much beyond total crap from a school district administrator. The public education system doesn't reward, and in fact punishes, the acceptance of responsibility, initiative and is inherently inflexible. The nature of the public education system ensures the sort of behavior you decry which means, other then throwing stones there's nothing to be done about it.

Well, other then changing the nature of the public education system which is in the process of occurring of course.

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Um. This is gross. That child is some sort of sick sexual deviant. The mother is even sicker for accepting it and promoting it as a lifestyle. The news media is disgusting for even referring to this wacko as female at all.

THIS kind of crap is just one reason why homeschooling is growing by leaps and bounds. I feel sorry for the children who have to be exposed to, and play along with, this pervert's little dress-up game.