Sunday, August 10, 2014

My First Phone Call

So far I think I've sent one postcard from Alaska as well as two lengthy letters in the 5 days I've been back, and I've received at least 4 short letters from my son in Basic Training.  In the name of efficiency they were addressed to "Dad and Mom" and I was required to turn them over to mom at my earliest convenience :-)

If I understand correctly, they were allowed to take their cell phones with them but are only allowed access to them for 15 min on Sundays.  Today was my day to get the phone call.

He's enjoying Basic.  He describes it at "hell" but I can tell he's enjoying the challenge.  He rattled on about so many things, but the end of the "dad" time allotment came quickly and the call ended as abruptly as it started.

I'm glad he's doing well.  I remember those feelings of accomplishment, doing things I'd never even dreamed of.

When I was in Alaska I picked up two pieces of packaged jerky for him, one with reindeer meat and the other with caribou.  I picked up a small bubble-envelope at Walmart tonight and as soon as I have a letter composed I'll send him one of the jerkies as well as a couple chocolate-peanut butter granola bars.  He says the food is Elephant Bar quality, which I find hard to believe for an army mess, but at least he's not starving! 

He's growing up.

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PeggyU said...

Nothing takes the place of old fashioned snail mail and care packages. :) There are some things that technology can't improve on.