Sunday, August 31, 2014

Even This Liberal Columnist Knows That The "Rape Culture" Stuff Is Bunk

Now anybody sending a daughter off to college these days would be well-advised to hire a professional referee to give her the final instruction boxers get before the bell: “Protect yourself at all times.” That said, isn't it odd that with violent crime rates dropping sharply everywhere, sexual assaults are supposedly metastasizing on campus?

Supposedly, one in five women college students gets sexually assaulted. Never mind that if one in five Starbucks customers got molested, the chain would soon go out of business. It follows that nobody outside the Task Force really believes those numbers. Alarming statistics are manufactured by including in the definition of “sexual assault” things like trying to steal a kiss or patting a girl on the fanny – ill-advised and boorish, but not normally a crime.

This is not to make light of real sexual crimes. Quite the opposite. Those should be prosecuted in real courts by law enforcement professionals. It's an imperfect system, but these faculty tribunals are a joke.  link
His point about Starbucks is true, and here's another:  if, say, high school counselors actually believed that statistic, couldn't they be considered accessories for pushing so many women to go to college?  If nothing else, how could they sleep at night knowing they were sending one in five girls to such an environment?

It's a bad number that won't go away, just like the "women make xxx cents for every dollar a man makes".  It serves someone's political need.  This is the politics of lying, and it doesn't seem to matter who gets hurt in the process.

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Pseudotsuga said...

I just had a relative (attending George Fox U. in Oregon) gush about how WONDERFUL these anti-rape seminars were, and how necessary they were for fellow students. I asked her why they are so necessary, and she replied, confused, that rape happens.
I then began to introduce the idea that the numbers are inflated...I look forward to showing her the cracks in the bubble.