Wednesday, July 02, 2014

What To Do In The Face Of Overwhelming Force?

Surrender--gracefully and defiantly:
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The story of Hawaii's monarchy is as interesting as it is short, lasting less than 90 years.  I learned much about it at 'Iolani Palace a couple days ago, and more at the Bishop Museum today.  I'm thinking about a future post about "whose land is it", including not just Hawaii but Tibet and the Golan Heights, but here in a Waikiki Starbucks isn't the place for me to write such a piece!

Located in what appears to be a middle class neighborhood, the Bishop Museum is spectacular.  Here's the view from the museum towards downtown Honolulu, with The Punchbowl crater/cemetery on the left:

In the science building there they made lava for us:

The planetarium there has several shows; I watched one on navigating by the stars as the early Polynesians did in order to get to Hawaii.

USS Arizona tomorrow.  Fireworks over Waikiki Beach on Friday night!  Kona Saturday.

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