Sunday, July 27, 2014

But It's Hot Outside!

Inconvenient chart of the day: Coolest US summer on record


maxutils said...

I won't assert a stat ... but I've been watching the beach volleyball down in Long Beach, and they claim it's the hottest summer ever. Take your pick, I guess.

allen (in Michigan) said...

My faves are the "scientific consensus" and the varying - but large! - number of papers that are supportive of anthropogenic global warming.

To the former I reply "if the scientific consensus was that jumping off a cliff was good for your health would you do it?". To latter I ask what's so special about whatever the number of scientific papers claim in support would be. If 20,000 papers are supportive, and that establishes the hypothesis as explanatory was the hypothesis prove incorrect at 19,999 supportive papers?

Of course neither of my criticisms have the least impact on the true believers because they really don't care about the science. They're fixated on themselves. The science has to be true not because there's verification in support but because the true believers are incapable of being wrong.

Mike Thiac said...

Darren I'll throw this in as a possability. ALGORE has been flying around a lot of places in his AV GAS sucking private jet, being driven in a limo to talk about Global Warming and how you should't burn gas. Could that have caused the lower temp? Wherever he goes it seems like record low temperatures follow.

allen (in Michigan) said...

And we have the establishment of a new, scientific metric - the beach volleyball team climatic index.

What the heck, why not? It's no less defensible then the assertion that some critical number or percentage of climate scientists agreeing how the climate works will cause the climate to meekly submit.

If one silly metric's good two must be better so I propose the Detroit Sweater metric because it's in the low 50's right now (7:00AM) and it will barely hit 70 for the daily high.

I assert this proves the imminence and credibility of anthropogenic global warming and will support my assertion in the classic, scientific manner - dismiss anyone who disagrees as a paid lobbyist for the hydrocarbon industry, barrage them with crude, personal insults, claim they're mentally ill and simply refuse to substantively respond to any criticism of anthropogenic global warming.