Thursday, March 06, 2014

Yes, It Is Press Bias

Lefties like to think NPR is "balanced" and unbiased.  They hear monotone, highbrow commentary, discussions, and reporting and think that it must be perfectly unbiased--and it is, to them, since the slant is exactly what they agree with!

Here's an example of that unbiased reporting; all you need is the first sentence.  The equally unbiased National Review reports the following:
Just now on NPR’s Morning Edition (yes, I often listen), a story on yesterday’s failed vote on Debo Adegbile began “a handful of southern Democrats joined Republicans yesterday to defeat President Obama’s choice to head the Justice Department’s civil rights division.” For what it’s worth the Democrats who voted no:
Chris Coons (Del.)
Bob Casey (Pa.)
Mark Pryor (Ark.)
Heidi Heitkamp (N.D.)
Joe Manchin (W.V.)
Joe Donnelly (Ind.) 
John Walsh (Mont.) 
And, of course, Harry Reid (Nev.), who did it for procedural grounds.
Not exactly Sons of the Confederacy.
If it's not bias, I'd be curious how else you'd explain it.

Update, 3/8/14:  They've changed the audio now.  How cute.  I know what I heard, and the author of the linked piece above heard the same thing.  Commenters noticed as well:
Just listened to it - it is ABSOLUTELY "Senate", not southern.

The original feed was "southern." Later feeds were corrected to "senate." Their webpage does not note the correction.
Nope, no bias here.


Mike Thiac said...

Geographical ignorance!

maxutils said...

I really tried to find the full version of this broadcast, and I encourage you to seek out the episode ... because it's a DEAD-ON parody of NPR ... With John Hodgman from the Daily Show, Dan Castellanata from the Simpsons, , and, of course, Amy Poehler. This is a good tease: but it got funnier. Air date, I think, was 2/27. As to the story in question? When a President wins, he gets to nominate anyone he likes. I don't think Mumia is innocent, but I also don't think it's an even remotely reasonable point of view to deny a vote of approval to a candidate for a civil rights post, because he was defending civil rights. Isn't that what they are supposed to do? And, he LOST. Mumia is still in jail, because, almost certainly, he's guilty. I would MUCH rather have someone who believed in granting the obviously guilty a defense, rather than just going with the flow.

Mrs. Widget said...

Mark Pryor is fighting for his political career. He is up for re election against a former Ranger. Pryor's other part, Blanche Lincoln, was voted out last time. He knows he's next.