Thursday, March 06, 2014

What Did The President Know, and When Did He Know It?

Worse than Watergate:
If the CIA was spying on its own oversight committee — with the President’s knowledge — that’s much worse than Watergate. And if there was this kind of illegal spying going on, what else was there?
We're teetering on the edge of a banana republic.


KauaiMark said...

"...banana republic"

any bets if Obama will slip on the peel?

maxutils said...

Isn't the CIA's job to spy? I know they aren't supposed to be domestic, but I'd certainly want to know who's watching me. I don't think it's worse than Watergate ... a needless (because he would have easily won re-election) exercise that ... he lied about. Obama's doing the same thing, on multiple levels -- that's what makes him worse than both Nixon, and Carter. Carter was completely ineffective, but honest. Nixon was fairly effective, but a liar. Obama is both ineffective AND a liar. A liar on multiple issues, multiple times. I really wish we wouldn't mitigate this by focussing on only one issue...

Darren said...

They absolutely aren't supposed to spy domestically, and tapping phones and such wouldn't even be legal for the FBI (our domestic *spy agency*)to do without a warrant.

Also, Obama's reelection wasn't a "easy", that's why he politicized the IRS to hinder groups hostile to him. He is the only president, I believe, who won reelection by a lesser margin than his first election. History will record an asterisk next to his name, and it won't be for a good reason. It'll be for the same reason Mark McGuire hit so many home runs and Lance Armstrong won so many TdF's--outright cheating.

maxutils said...

I was referring to Nixon, when I said easy re-election ... obviously, Obama's was much closer. I'm just saying ... I don't think it's the CIA news that's what makes it worse: that just downplays everything else that he's screwed up and lied about. We shouldn't forget all of them ... to me, anyway, the CIA thing is way down on the list ... below the NSA monitoring phone calls, for sure.


Anonymous said...

MaxUtils: "Isn't the CIA's job to spy?"

On their *own* congressional oversite committee? No. Seriously ... it isn't obvious what the problem here is???? I'd like to think that the folks in congress are above being blackmailed ... but while I'd like to believe it, I don't. Having the CIA be in a position to blackmail our own congress *seems* like a bad idea.

Also, as Darren pointed out, the CIA isn't supposed to spy domestically on anyone -- that is the FBI's job.

-Mark Roulo

Anonymous said...

Darren: "He is the only president, I believe, who won reelection by a lesser margin than his first election."

1808 was a bigger win for Madison than 1812, both in electoral votes and percentage of the popular vote.

-Mark Roulo

Anonymous said...

I agree with your sentiment, but "history" is being written by leftists who regard Obama as a messiah. We have two full generations of mush-creators (current university professors) mush-eaters (current students K-college.) These folks see a very different world than you and me.

maxutils said...

Mark ... I understand the distinction between CIA (abroad) and FBI (domestic) and NSA (pretty much whatever they want to do, apparently) ... I guess where i fall is -- after 9/11, we realized (I hope we did) that it could have been prevented if these agencies were better able to communicate. I'm much less concerned with the letter of the law, than I am with getting things done ... I'm also willing to let each agency try to justify what they are doing. The CIA may very well be doing something they shouldn't -- and if so, those responsible should be sanctioned. I'm much more concerned that the NSA gets to chronicle my phone records.